Technical Specifications
The dimensions will be: 1.75inches wide x 1.12inches long x 0.45inches high ( 47.7mm x 28.55mm x 11.5mm respectively). Many plastics can crack under stress, therefore its casing will be made of sustainable hardwood with a stainless back which loops over the front creating a triskelion design, enabling it to clip to bracelets, hang as a pendant.

Its connectivity is wireless with sensors usinga RFID Chip and a pKO Cell, which “talk to each other”. As the RFID chip connects with pKO Cell, it creates a VPN number, similar to a computer.
The pKO Cell is connected to a server, therefore a cloud where evidence is stored and also connected to the local Metropolitan Police Station through encryption. The encryption is changed every four seconds, this stops anyone trying to intercept or hack a signal to the Police. The signal or 'Call for Help” is answered by the Police, giving the victim peace of mind knowing help is on its way. 
The RFID chip notifies the Police exactly where the victim is via GPS, which connects only when the victim needs help. It is so advanced it will signal the location, not only outside but also if the victim is inside, which room they are in. A vibration motor is triggered notifying the wearer that the call for help has been answered. Giving the wearer peace of mind that emergency services are on their way. It also records the evidence for use in court.​
What if you are not “in an area” for a signal? This is what happens for most Panic Devices out there in the marketplace. They rely on phone signals, that makes it really difficult to put out a distress call for help. Not with Clarified Lifeline. The PK Chip has a VPN, therefore is a microcomputer and talks to the server and the cloud, therefore you could be in a valley, standing in the wilderness on top of the moors... the Nevada desert ... Your distress call will be answered. This brings peace of mind to the wearer because many times when a violent altercation is happening the wearers' cell phone is often broken, stamped on and smashed. The offender believes all communication is lost for the victim when a phone is broken, believing he or she is safe.

Many Panic Devices are connected to the users' cell phones in order to work. If the signal to the cell phone is broken or the Panic Device is broken then no help is coming.

Some Panic Devices connect to the cell phone and have a “Call a Friend” feature, the friend then has to listen in and decide whether to call the Emergency Services. Friends are wonderful, but do you really want your life in your friends' hands? With them wondering if you are being attacked or not? Or worse still, what if your friend doesn't hear their phone ring? Not good! Not safe and far too complicated!

The Clarified Lifeline App helps the wearer with Mindfulness, Meditation and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, all known to reduce stress and anxiety, therefore helping the wearer cope and understand Mental Health, lowering the risks of PTSD. There is a Community Forum for victims and survivors to connect and support each other. A Journal and Picture Folder. It will work with Android, IOS and iPod.