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  1. Claire Cappetta Domestic Violence Clarified Lifeline Stalking
    The Clarified Lifeline is creating a panic device with a difference. It will look like a piece of jewellery to be worn on a leather bracelet, as a necklace pendant or simply clipped onto a bag or clothing. It will be designed not to look like a panic/personal alarm device.
  2. Claire Cappetta Domestic Violence Clarified Lifeline Stalking
    Designed so it comfortably and easily attaches to a bracelet, no-one will realise you are wearing a smart technology, unlike many in the marketplace that look like panic devices
  3. Claire Cappetta Domestic Violence Clarified Lifeline Stalking
    Beautifully made of natural, sustainable wood and steel for strength and durability, the panic buttons are located on the device for ease of use when needed.
  4. Claire Cappetta Domestic Violence Clarified Lifeline Stalking Clarified Lifeline Phone App
    The Wellness App has been developed by survivors and experts in their field. It helps with healing and anxiety. Meditation and Mindfulness for stress and anxiety. CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) for helping understanding emotions. A Journal and a picture folder to collate evidence for authorities and a Community for support with other survivors of domestic violence/abuse and stalking. Will be available on iPhone and Andriod.
  5. Claire Cappetta Domestic Violence Clarified Lifeline Stalking
    Enjoy wearing the Clarified with peace of mind. It not only attaches to a bracelet, you can also wear it as a pendant or clip it onto your bag or belt. The Clarified Lifeline is versatile to any outfit.
  6. Claire Cappetta Domestic Violence Clarified Lifeline Stalking
    Claire is the founder of the Clarified Lifeline. After surviving domestic violence/abuse and stalking, she understands how it feels. Her ex held her hostage for a week after stalking her for months. He tied her up and threatened her life with a knife for a week. She remembers how frightening it was not to be able to call for help. She is now a certified relationship coach, author and domestic violence/abuse and stalking activist, putting all her experience into creating the device and the app, so no-one has to be alone. Help will always be there for both mind, body and soul.

Clarified Lifeline Panic Device

Clarified Lifeline Phone App

Beautifully made with sustainable wood, wrapped in steel for durability. It is designed as a piece of jewellery. 

It will alert friends and emergency services for help, record what is happening around the wearer for domestic violence or stalking. It will vibrate to let you know your alarm has answered and help is on its way.
 The app contains Meditation, Mindfulness and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to help you stay calm and lessen potential PTSD and anxiety. We are designing this with Libby Seery, a London Harley Street psychotherapist.

There is a journal, so you can journal everything down, which not only helps emotionally but with the pictures also included to take snap-shots of text messages, photos of abuse, which can be collated and given to the police to help with evidence.

As survivors, we know that evidence is crucial in obtaining Orders of Protection and/or arrest.We have designed it so it doesn't look like an ugly white plastic panic alarm but as something unique for both men and women.

A community forum to connect and chat with other victims and survivors to share stories and support.

Worried about the cost?​​

Unlike many Panic Devices, some which are over £100, this is a simple £5 monthly subscription. 

Are you worried someone may see the payment?

Simple, a relative or friend can make the payments.
Why Use The Clarified Lifeline
Claire Cappetta was raped when she was 15 and has experienced domestic violence. Her ex-boyfriend stalked her and held her hostage. Claire remembers how frightening it was to be tied to a chair for a week, while he told her "Only death would separate them." He told her not to tell anyone about what was happening as he was by her side as she looked after her children. He threatened her and said he would kill them first and then her. It took courage and strength to survive but she did.

After authoring books, Claire still felt she needed to do more, not wanting anyone to feel as helpless as she had. Over three years the Clarified Lifeline was devised, knowing a phone call is not possible when we are under attack, but a Panic device would be. Many look cheap, bright white and scream out to be panic devices, some scream an alarm, some silently call for help. Claire wanted it to look subtle and beautiful, she also knows how lonely and terrifying it is to be stuck in an abusive relationship.

After studying and obtaining diplomas in CBT, Psychology, Mental Health and Life Coaching, she has put both her experiences, knowledge and study into the Wellness App to help victims connect and find relief from stress, anxiety and PTSD. It is a confusing and distressing time as a victim...

This is why...

The Clarified Lifeline is for victims because being safe shouldn't be complicated! 

Clarified Lifeline

Our Features

  1. Alarm
    An silent alarm is sent from the device to the authorities when it is held in for 3 seconds, notifying them of your location so they can come to your aid quickly.
  2. Haptic Vibration
    The device will vibrate to let you know help is on it's way.
  3. Strong & Organic
    The device is made beautifully from sustainable wood and strong stainless steel for strength
  4. Wellness App
    Wellness App accompanies the device. It has been devised to help a Domestic Violence/Abuse r Stalking victim with health and support.
  5. Mindfulness & Meditation
    Mindfulness and Meditation is provided on the Wellness App to help cope with stress and anxiety. Also included is a CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) to help understand and calm emotions.
  6. Journal and Picture Folder
    In the Wellness App, there are sections for you to create a Journal, to log in your diary of what is happening to you and a Picture folder to store pictures and snapshots of texts etc for evidence, which can be sent to the authorities, when needed. These are to help you collate evidence, which maybe needed for an arrest. Too many times victims are left feeling stranded because not enough evidence was gathered.
  7. Community
    A Community is included as victims so often feel alone, with no-one to talk to. Many times we do not or cannot turn to family and friends for help and advice. Often our friends or family don't understand, but other victims and survivors do. It is completely safe and fire-walled for total privacy.
  8. Can be Worn Easily
    The back of the device is made of stainless steel, which folds over to the front in a beautiful celtic, triskell design, representing Mind, Body and Spirit. This enables it to be worn on a leather wrap around bracelet or hung on a necklace. It compliments any outfit or occasion.
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Payment is made through Paypal, as safety is always our main priority.
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We aim to save lives for victims of Domestic Violence/Abuse and Stalking.

Coming soon, Personal Alarm and Wellness App. 

All profits go to developing the beautiful Clarified Lifeline Personal Alarm and Wellness App for Mental Health, including Meditation, Mindfulness, CBT, a Journal, Picture Folder and Community.

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